Are You Struggling With Accomplishing Yor Goals?

Are you struggling to figure out what your goals are and how to achieve them? Do you want to find your purpose?

Part of problem is that we are not taking the time to plan, prioritize and take baby steps.

These brain dump worksheets will help you focus on identifying what you want, clarifying your priorities and creating action steps.

Get your digital copy and start your journey to discovering happiness.

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    Edwige Theokas

    Mindfulness-Based Trauma Therapist

    Mom of Two


    Who am I?

    Therapist by day, mom by night, introvert throughout. Hi, I'm Eddie and I am a therapist based in New Jersey. I focus on helping people heal from childhood and adult trauma. I am also a mom of two kids, ages 4 years and 4 months.

    My mission is to support people's well-being through blog writing, YouTube videos and individual therapy. am here to support

    What you'll get

    Worksheets that include:

    • A brain dump section to help you just write and free associate
    • Prompts to help you identify prioritize a few goals.
    • Reflection section on what thoughts may show up to discourage you.
    • Action steps section